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You're a blog, Harry!

>make 2 blog entries about nothing
>thousands of views



Not sure what you guys were talking about, Cosine and Toby. Works fine.   Read Full Entry

My first created character.

Hey guys. In this post I will described in detail my first character that I have set in the bleach universe. I'm not going to give out all the details first, but I will tell a lot about the character and his skills. If enough people read this I might post the story on here.
His zanpakutou is called ZULFIQAR. To release his...   Read Full Entry

The Church and the girl

So, I recently found direction in life by salvation through Christ, all thanks to a girl from my past. Not much I can really say about her, other than I still have the same feelings for her that I did back in 5th grade when I met her. I spent all summer basically doing as much as I could to be around her, volunteering and attending regular services. ...   Read Full Entry

Morning of 10/06/2010

Left home way past 7:40 a.m., unable to catch the bus to go to Kaiser. I
had to walk to the train station which clocks at nearly 20 minutes to
reach it. Taxi drivers are stationed near there. I can't make it since I
missed the bus, so I had to ride a cab to the clinic. As we got to the
destination, the driver revealed that...   Read Full Entry

Paradiso: The Lovers 6th =/= The 14th

I waited for a long time upon Venus's shore,
I don't know how long I've waited to see you,
But time started to slowly slip away from me,
So I started to count since then.

One finger meant a month,
Two meant a year,
Three meant a day,
And four meant a decade.

This was the only way I could keep myself for you,
Even if it meant waiting for an...   Read Full Entry

RIP Daddy.


He's the guy dancing around in the *yellow shirt, with the beard and the hat...and of course, a pair of sunglasses. There has not been a single outing or occasion where he hasn't worn a pair of shades. That's part of him, as it is of me now. I've also never seen...   Read Full Entry

So I heard you read Blogs

I dunno. I always liked the idea of blogs, but I always sucked at keeping up with them/executing ideas properly et al;

...so this will probably be a plug-blog.

AKA a place where I link you guys to other places/journals/things involving myself that are of relevance or of relative interest to the community of AL.

..Funny, that I still include myself as a...   Read Full Entry

Making Friends - The Latecomer's Guide

I've never been very good at making friends. Now my best (and only real friend) is moving away to the coast. And I can't find and make friends that I feel are worth keeping. The current contender is continually testing me at work and trying to get away with things he knows he shouldn't. I got promoted to manager and he's always trying to...   Read Full Entry

bibble babble - babble bibble and stibby wibbles - wibby stibbles

I just feel like babbling. I'm writing a story so yea. And school is coming to and end YAY! Graduation day is June ninth and my last day is June eleventh. Strange that after I graduate I have two more days of fucking school lol   Read Full Entry


I'm going to prom with Kasei if you have not been informed yet. I am excited and I will post many photos here for you all of Kas stuck in my lovely cleavage and such. ^w^   Read Full Entry

Convergence: How The Internet Kills Friendships

Moderation. It's the difference between the occasional drinker and the alcoholic, between the hobbyist and the obsessed otaku, between what constitutes a friend and what creates a stalker. Yes, moderation, it's the key to a happy and healthy life style. And when its management is left solely up to the individual we tend to be happy. After all...   Read Full Entry


Today we are going to worship cookies. As the name of the blog tells you it is about worshipping cookies. This is how you do so. You go home and you make 15 batches of cookies and then take them to the church of cookies which is my house and leave them in the kitchen as an offering to the cookie god. The cookie god will take your blessing and turn it into...   Read Full Entry

Song: In Mind

What is there left now for me to find
I am losing my mind
I am lost in my mind
I see you, who I see, I don't see
You aren't there, but you're here with me

I can't feel anything anymore
I am drowning, feel my skin torn
spinning and spiraling down into the heart of what
I can not be.
I can not see.
But I'm not here, and you're not...   Read Full Entry

Ikasu and x dont know how to make a blog....

And neither do I. I guess I'll actually make something worthwhile later, probably a review on bioshock 2   Read Full Entry

Ok....Why am I doing this again?!

*Sighs* I have no idea why I am doing this but......let me talk about some facts about me.

- I'm Joseph Gravemind aka DarkKnightGrave, 21 Years Old. Amateur voice actor, artist, editor, writer, All around hack of all trades. I'm into anything and everything (except Lolis....except Toph....Don't judge me.)

- My interests include Anime, Movies,...   Read Full Entry

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