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The Church and the girl

So, I recently found direction in life by salvation through Christ, all thanks to a girl from my past. Not much I can really say about her, other than I still have the same feelings for her that I did back in 5th grade when I met her. I spent all summer basically doing as much as I could to be around her, volunteering and attending regular services. She's amazing, doing so much and still having time for college. She considers me a great friend, she has said so. I really want to be with her, and considering my feelings for her haven't changed over the last eleven years, I know they are never going to change. Now, I just ned to find the right timing to ask her out. I think with her, that big romantic gesture would work, but it's not my style. I just want to do everything that I can to let her know how much she means to me, every moment that I am around her or talk to her. Anything I can do to make her smile, I'll do it, just to see that smile. Still, I have no idea how to ask her out or when the right time is, so each time I am around her I get butterflies in my stomach and still stumble around words talking to her. I wish I knew what to do...


That is heart-warming! ^_^

Build more confidence, for one.

I think you are on the right track.

You just need that boost of "I can do this" persona in you. ;)
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Thank you.
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There is no right time nor oportunity.
You have to create it mate.
Just be confident and good luck
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