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Morning of 10/06/2010

Left home way past 7:40 a.m., unable to catch the bus to go to Kaiser. I
had to walk to the train station which clocks at nearly 20 minutes to
reach it. Taxi drivers are stationed near there. I can't make it since I
missed the bus, so I had to ride a cab to the clinic. As we got to the
destination, the driver revealed that he can't take debit cards since
the machine is not working. Cash only. I only had $11 cash with me, and
I owe him $17. I had to short him, which really sucks. I probably begun
his bad day because of that. Gratefully, he accepted whatever I had.

Past the time that it takes to confirm the appointment and direct me to
the room where the check-up shall occur, it all went smoothly. At least
to me, it was. It took time, but it wasn't frustrating, really. Surprised,
I was, however, that the bill was $85 for the visit. I thought it was way
less than that. I didn't have time to really stress about that, so I let
the thought drift. The doctor was a nice fellow, trying to be humorous as
he asked questions about any past and present medical conditions I have.
Standard exam to save a patient time and money, he said. Then, the
check-up continued.

After swaps of questions, we got to the point why I'm there in the first
place. After the scrutiny, he concluded that I may have early stages of
the ailment. It makes it difficult to really locate it, especially if it
is indeed dormant at that very time. It could be asleep one day and
active and giving me a hard time another. It was not surprising that he
advised me to avoid heavy lifting--- which is a big part of my job. Gotta
work that out with my manager(s). He also gave me options to take if it
erupts again. Besides that, he pretty much answered my questions and
gave me some vaccine shot recommendations just for precautions.

Onto the injection room, each arm of mine got the sting of the needle.
Tetanus vaccine on my left arm and Hepatitis B vaccine for my right. And
the physician was NOT kidding that it's gonna hurt later. My arms are
heavy as hell. Lifting them above my chest is tough. Typing this blog is a
chore and not from thinking what to post about. Even budging my fingers
around for anything IS draining more than energy than usual. I'm thankful
that my insurance covered those shots. Rather funny how my check-up
examiner emphasized that I should not be paying extra for them. Duh, I'm
siding him on that! All of that was done, and all I had to really pay
attention are my future visits. One, I got another appointment tomorrow
but with another examiner. Two, one of the shots have a part two and
three. A month from now and six months after it.

Heading home, one of the keys I had won't cooperate with the locked knob. I
would've been really annoyed if my still-sleeping little brother didn't wake
up soon enough to unlock the door. And back to point A, I am. Ugh, I didn't
expect my schedule to be this set-back and in disorder. My only hope, really,
is for my condition to stay benign. I may have to sacrifice a couple of
things that I usually do. Whatever. If it keeps me from being operated
because of the worse waiting on the horizon if I don't take it easy, then
I'm all for it.

Well, that's another rambling from me. Pardon me for wasting your time. Or
thanks for being considerate enough to read all of this.

Jeez, my arms feel heavier!

Oh. What ailment do I have, you might ask?


=( You're in my prayers, okay? <3
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RinChan, on 06 October 2010 - 02:59 PM, said:

=( You're in my prayers, okay? <3
Awwwr. Thankies. <3
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If I prayed, you'll be in my prayers too Kimiko.

My mother suffers from the same ailment as you do. I wish you all the best.

PS: your narrative is impressive.
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